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Welcome to the Legacy Journal! Congratulations on your decision to put grandparents back in their rightful role in your family. God will bless you for it!

Story of the Journal

Cavin Harper, Executive Director
Christian Grandparenting Network

I have always looked for ways to bring generations together in a closer bond. I was blessed to stumble onto a practical tool for building that bond between the generations. As the administrator of Christian camps that children and grandparents attend together, I needed to create a quick and easy way to get grandparents and grandchildren on the same page.

The idea of the "Legacy Journal" was born on those camping trips, where we would Xerox off a sheet of journaling ideas and have camp participants fill them out together. I saw the amazing affect that this little piece of paper had on relationships between generations, children laughing at the stories of grandpa's courtship of grandma, listening eagerly to the history of family traditions, working earnestly with their grandparents to describe their family. I realized then that this wasn't just an activity to fill a rainy afternoon at camp - it was a tool that could be properly developed and expanded, to create heirloom-quality keepsakes that will be permanent supports to an intergenerational family bond.

We expanded and rewrote the journal from the ground up, creating a beautiful 80-page wire-bound book for grandparents and grandchildren to complete together. These Journals are of exceptionally high quality and will be a treasured possession for grandchildren - and for their children and grandchildren, too. When a grandparent and a grandchild do a Legacy Journal together, they aren't filling in sheets of paper - they're creating eternal memories that will bond the generations together and build a family tradition that can span lifetimes.
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